But what´s this is all feel like for you? I confess that I´ve worn out so many selves, it seems useless to go by one name. Still, I wouldn´t have it any other way. It´s left me raw and humble. I know now that love is the ability to hold someone through all their changes – and myself – not too tightly but the way THE SKY HOLDS THE SUN. Knowing the unalterable spot beneath our current face is where God first kissed us into being.

– Mark Nepo

I truly live from my heart and appreciate the joy and the beauty of simply being alive – dedicated and in deep, deep gratitude for life itself.

I have over 20 yrs experience as a practicing clinical psychologist, counsellor and mentor and as a teacher for mindfulness-based techniques such as meditation, yoga and somatics.

My work is a blend of western psychology, eastern spiritual practices and a compassionate engagement with our world.

I offer guidance and support clients with challenges related to relationships, trauma, self-esteem, adjustment, work-life balance, bereavement and coping with change. And it is my dedication to provide a safe and open-hearted space for exploring and managing the complexities of being human.

Through the span of my professional life I have worked in a variety of settings including Private Practice, Trauma Counselling Facilities, Clinics and Counselling Charities. I have had the privilege of working internationally with individual clients and groups from diverse socio-cultural and ethnic backgrounds in different projects and Ngo´s. These varied experiences inform my practice as a psychologist, counsellor, mentor, teacher and most of all – in being myelf.

My comfort zone has always been to work in community and therefore it was naturally for me to become the founder of COMMUNITY YOGA GERMANY – a charitable organization based in Hamburg, that is fostering community collaboration, organizing charity events and initiating local service projects. This well respected initiative forms a collective of yogateachers, numerous yogastudios and many activists that offers yoga and meditation on donation base for everyone, connects the local (yoga) community to community service projects and realizes charity events. So far, our network realized numerous missions such as 9 charity events, 210 yogaclasses on donation base, regular cooking classes with refugee minors, yoga and meditation for migrant women in refugee camps, with at-risk youths and in public schools and we organized a special training for teaching yoga in prisons. Everyone involved in this initiative by heart is taking part in building a network of solidarity, support and love.

I was born in Hamburg, Germany and have been travelling the world for many years. In 2016 my Soul found home by the sea in a pristine fishermans village called Arrifana, on the Southwestern Coast of Portugal. Living by the sea has always been my lifelong dream – my Souls vision.

“When you do things from the soul you feel a river moving through you, a joy.”

–  Rūmī

  • Psychologist, Dipl. | University of Bremen, Germany
  • Heilpraktikerin/ Naturopath for Psychotherapy (nach HeilprG) | Bremen, Germany
  • Systemic Counsellor and Coach | GST Berlin, SPFZ Hamburg
  • Inherited Family Trauma / Transgenerationales Trauma | Mark Wolynn, Gabor Mate
  • Somatic Stress Release | Dr. Scott Lyons, Sweden
  • Emotional Healing Therapy | Tita Martell, UK
  • Teacher for Meditation and Mindfulness | with Ph.D. Jack Kornfield and Ph.D. Tara Brach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP) | Awareness Training Institute (ATI), Greater Good Science Center University of California, Berkeley
  • Leadershiptraining with Ph.D. BK Bidyut Bose, James Fox, Hala Kouri, Seane Corn | Prison Yoga Project, Niroga Institute, Off the Mat into the World | San Francisco, USA
  • Mentorship Program Elevate: Practise You | Elena Brower
  • Registered Teacher for Yoga ERYT | Niki Doane and Eddi Modestini – Maya Yoga Maui, USA and Jason Crandell – Yoga Method, San Francisco, USA
  • Founder of the Non-Profit-Organization Projekt Yoga e.V. | Hamburg, Germany
  • Teacher for Tibetan Sound Healing | ND Naturopathic Dr. Bonnie Marsh | Maui, USA
  • Trainer for Stress-Management and Stress-Coping | Ph.D. G. Kaluza, GKM Marburg, Germany
  • Teacher for Autogenous Training | IEK Berlin, Germany
  • Teacher for Pilates | Britta Brechtefeld Pilates Bodymotion | Polestar
  • Trained in Nonviolent Communication by Marshal Rosenberg | Hanah Hartenberg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Basic Study Period Human Medicine  | MSH Medical School Hamburg – University of Applied Sciences and Medical University
  • Initiator of different operations to support NGO´s and underserved populations on-site in Cambodia and South Africa in cooperation with Allgemeines Krankenhaus St. Georg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Internship at Eerste River Hospital | Cape Town, South Africa
  • Internship at UKSH University Medical Centre Schleswig-Hostein | Luebeck, Germany